Sokoban is a famous puzzle game invented in Japan
The word “Sokoban” means “warehouse keeper” in Japanese. Rules of Sokoban are very simple. Imagine yourself a warehouse keeper. You must push boxes in a crowded warehouse to their correct positions with a minimal number of moves. Boxes can only be pushed, never pulled. You can push only one box at a time. Sometimes a box may get into unrecoverable position, for example into a corner. In this case the game is lost and you must start the level over again.
Many people create their own levels for Sokoban game and publish them on the Internet. A couple of hundreds of them come with the Pocket Sokoban installation and are immediately available for you. But you can download thousands of levels from the Internet and easily load them into Pocket Sokoban game as well. Levels are usually available as text files in unified format (XSB format) which is understood by Pocket Sokoban. Every text file contains dozens or even hundreds of levels.
Automatic solver is a useful feature for beginners. Sometimes when you got stuck on some level and wonder if there is a solution at all, you can try to obtain a solution with the automatic solver.

Game features:
unlimited number of levels (level size up to 22×22)
direct access to any level
unlimited undo
autosave on exit
stylus and keys support
ability to save and play best solutions
sokoban solver

Version:    1.5
Licence type:    Shareware
Availability:    yes
Requirements:    Pocket PC, 250K memory
Downloads:    51713
Variation of the famous Sokoban puzzle. Unlimited number of levels. Easy-to-use interface.

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