Register A Game

On this page you can get activation number for a game that you have purchased from us or from one of our resellers. You should receive the activation number direct after purchasing. It can be found it in a receipt or in an email that comes direct after the purchase. Some of our resellers call it “Serial number” or “Register number”.

You don’t have to register a game if you already have an activation number and it works.

Activation code depends of “Owner Information” of the device where a game is installed. A wrong activation code can be issued sometimes because of miss-typing of “Owner information” during purchase. On this page you can correct the mistake and get the real activation code for your game.

Registration procedure is easy. What you have to do, is type “Registration string” from register window of your game and type your email (it must be the same that was specified during the purchase) in the corresponded fields and click on the “Send” button.

Unfortunately not all our games, at this time, support online registration. If you have problem with activation one of our game that is not in the list, please send us a message from support page and we will resolve the problem.