Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I find rules for solitares?
A: Rules for the games can be found here: Solitaire rules

Q: I downloaded a game. It keeps reminding me to register. How can I register a game?
A: All our shareware products require registration. Without registration a shareware game will work only during the trial period. To register a game click on any “Buy” button, corresponded to the desired product and complete purchase. A registration key will be issued after the purchase.

Q: I have bought a game, how can I install an upgrate for the game fom your site?
A: It is very easy to install an upgrade. Just go to our download page. Find desired product (for ex. “Patiences Gold”), and click on the one of the available for download files. All files contain exactly the same game, but they target different devices. If you are not sure which type is suitable for your device – choose the desktop installation (it is always the first in the list and always is an exe-file), for Patiences Gold it is “PatiencesGoldSetup.exe”. Save downloaded file on your desktop computer and run it (your PDA should be already connected to the desktop). Installation should begin. If you have an installed version of the game on your PDA, no activation is required. If you install a new version on a new PDA you can use activation key you have received after purchasing.

Q: How to install cab file?
A: Copy CAB file in any directory of on your Pocket PC (for example “My Documents”).
On yor Pocket PC start Data Explorer and open the directory that contains the file.
Tap on the file. Installation process should begin.
After installation you can find the game in your “Programs/Game” directory.